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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for everyone who applied to help out this group. I know we have had several leaders in the past come and go but it is always nice to have fresh blood to keep us moving. Our newest addition to the Closeup Family is a lovely lady who is fond of Macro Photography. She has past experience with maintaining groups and I have every confidence that she will be able to bring fresh perspective and a little spice to the mix.

Please join me in welcoming Adrienne to Closeup!

:iconroses-to-ashes: Roses-to-Ashes

We are so happy to have you! To help support her new role here please consider making a small donation on my profile to make Closeup-Photography a Super Group once again! amelie89

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Rules at a glance

Welcome to

In this group members may submit their deviations that fall under the MACRO category.

:bulletblue: P L E A S E - R E A D :bulletblue:
all of the following may be found on our FAQ page here
:star:closeup-photography.deviantart… :star:

:bulletblue: To become a member hit the "Join Our Group" button.

:bulletblue: To submit your art, click the "Contribute Art" button.

Gallery submission rules:
:bulletgreen:Please only give us your best work.
:bulletgreen: Only members of the group may submit their work.
:bulletgreen: We now accept 3 submissions per user every weeek!

:bulletgreen: The image should be technically spot on (good sharpness, focus, proper lighting, composition, etc...) (Obviously there are some exceptions for softness in an image, depending on the subject matter being shot.)
:bulletgreen: The image must be Macro or Close-Up. If the image does not seem to be "Close-Up" enough, it will be declined (judgement call by the admins).
:bulletgreen: You may submit any category of macro photography that you like using the 1:1 or 1:3 ratios. *this means that anything bigger than 2 inches (5 cm) captured whole in the frame may be declined for size alone.*
:bulletgreen: We DO Accept HDR Images Now!!! But they must be submitted to the HDR folder ONLY!
:bulletred: Images Must be submitted to the proper gallery folder or they will be declined!
:bulletred: Images with DA watermarks, or any watermark we think detracts from the image WILL BE DECLINED! Watermarks/signatures are fine as long as they do not take away from the quality of the photograph. (If you want to put a watermark on your image, but don't know how, view these tutorials: Creating a Signature in PS - and Creating a Signature in GIMP -
:bulletred: NO photo-shop filters that alter the essence of the image, NO collages, NO compilations, NO montages, NO textures, NO pictures of pen/pencil scribbles on paper, NO scraps.
:bulletred: Anyone who submits HATE art will be banned from the group.

Frames - We will allow frames that only add to the image and DO NOT overpower or distract from the focus of the image. While this is rule allows for manipulation with post photoshop tools, we understand that this minor addition can bring out the best in your art. Furthermore be warned that this rule opens your work to votes based on aesthetic quality.

Acceptance Criteria
:bulletblue: Images will be judged based on the above criteria, as well as:
:bulletblue: Whether or not the image is artistic and aesthetically pleasing.
:bulletblue: Whether or not the image is over-processed using Photoshop filters, etc.
:bulletblue: Each image now requires TWO Accept/Decline votes in order to be accepted into the gallery or declined. Each admin is required to full-view the image to ensure quality and determine if the image belongs in this group or not.

:star: We would like you to submit your best work to the club because we do reserve the right to reject any submission. if you have a question on why your piece was rejected feel free to ask us, otherwise an answer will NOT be provided.

:star: Just because we deny your art DOES NOT MEAN we don't like it, and it doesn't always mean it isn't Macro either, see above for details, visit our gallery, or ask us for more information.

:star:Also if your piece was declined, do not resubmit it again and again, this only irritates us and you because we will keep declining it again and again. Ask us why is was declined instead of sending it back

Macro vs. Close-Up
Macro/Closeup photography is when you photograph something at a ratio of at least 1:1-1:4 magnification. Close-up photography is simply taking a picture "close-up" and filling the frame with that object.


Our icon is now our stamp, so just copy and paste
: iconcloseup-photography : without the spaces
:bulletblue:It would be great, if you could add "Closeup-Photography" in your journal somewhere.




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Oomizo Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Gol! Gooool!!!
Ingelore Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
  In the last weeks most of my submissions expired, what is wrong with this group?
amelie89 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student Artist
Hey love,

I am very sorry for the expired submissions. Our team here is just not as active as they once were. I am responsible for not motivating them in my absence. I am going to do a post here very soon to offer the group to someone who is more dedicated and willing to give us the boost we need. Feel free to re-submit anything if you wish. I hope you understand that this is not personal and that I have always been a great supporter of your work!
Ingelore Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Thanks for the reply!
I hope you'll find someone who wants to run the group, and of course I know that you always supported me!   :hug: Good luck for you and for the group!
Arayashikinoshaka Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Someone here for manage pictures ?
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